Design & Build a Smart Mobile App for Smartphones

Summer Camp (Ages 15-16: Fellow)

There is a reason why Smartphones are called Smartphones. They are smart as they are powered by intelligent Apps. Have you ever fancied the idea of making an intelligent App to solve a particular problem or creating a mobile game that can be shared with your friends? Come to this camp to learn how to use MIT App Inventor to design and build your dream App. This tool will make better use of our time to design and test directly on Android devices.

Your child will get to understand margins, how to create functional app pages using the power of single to multi-touch screens, and get to build simple yet interactive games with it!

Key Takeaways:

1. Understanding the key components to build an intelligent Android App.
2. Understanding the basics of design (especially on margins, and composition).
3. Debugging and testing Apps on Android tablets/phones.
4. Building touch-enabled games to impress family and friends!

What to bring:

1. An Android device (phone or tablet), USB cable
2. Laptop (PC or Mac), Power Adapter

Camp Structure

Easter Camps: 4 daily lessons per camp. Summer Camps: 5 daily lessons per camp.

Each daily lesson is 2.5 hours and is filled with activities, theories, practical exercises and FUN!

Medium of Instruction: English


How big is class size?
Typically between 4-8 students.

What are the payment options?
Payments can be made by online/ATM bank transfer, by FPS at or by cash/cheque at our Wan Chai Campus. Details can be found in our enrollment acknowledgement email.

What’s next after Holiday Camps?
Our Day Camps are designed to connect with our Regular Courses, allowing your child to carry on their learning on the same topic or get into something new and exciting.


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