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Kids Can Code, So Can You!

Posted by Harris Chan on Nov 28, 2018

What a fun and meaningful workshop filled with lights and music! And wonderful demonstration of Teamwork, Creativity and Growth Mindset! We teamed up with HandsOn Hong Kong to transform 160+ Hewlett-Packard volunteers into programmers to build some amazing micro:bit Christmas Lamps at their regional Sales Leadership Kickoff Conference in HK! All micro:bits, neopixels, speakers and parts will be donated to local low-income students to embark their programming learning journey.

How a Coding Education Startup Got Off the Ground

Posted by Harris Chan on Nov 21, 2018

“Digital education in Hong Kong is very rigid, and children don’t have enough room for thinking and exploring new things,” Chan told the Hong Kong Economic Journal. Such thought inspired him to co-establish an educational business to “empower children to become future ready” with STEM and coding education, he said in an interview.
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Our Story Featured on Reuters

Posted by Harris Chan on Nov 1, 2018

Software and robots are increasingly more capable of handling tasks previously carried out by humans, and this is just the beginning! Bill Gates has predicted that by 2030, millions of jobs will be taken over by robots. However, this also opens up a lot of new and exciting opportunities, especially around the use of technology. In the digital economy where almost every company is a software company, coding is the new language of technology every child should master. Harris Chan, a former Microsoft Engineer, is committed to make a difference with his Hong Kong based STEM education start-up.
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Making a Difference

Posted by Harris Chan on Oct 2, 2018

Pleasure to meet with Natalie Chan from Own Academy who shares the same passion for making a difference in education! Education is more than just grades and the most demanded skills in the future are not taught at schools today, which is our inspiration behind helping kids become future ready. There is a long way to go, and it all begins with nurturing the right mindset in parents and children. Stay tuned for our joint efforts in shaping future creators and innovators!

International School Festival 2018

Posted by Harris Chan on Sep 15, 2018

Thanks everyone for stopping by our booth at International School Festival today! Excited to see overwhelming interests in STEM and coding from parents, partners and schools!

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