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Live on Yahoo TV!

Posted by Harris Chan on Apr 10, 2020

OMG! We are live on Yahoo! front page!

Check out our 1st episode where we will walk you through creating a simple Pikachu animation in ScratchJr. Something super fun to do with your 5-7yo at home.

Follow Yahoo! TV Kids Channel for more kid friendly content.

Stay tuned for more!

FINSPIRE Hackathon Goes Online

Posted by Harris Chan on Apr 01, 2020

7 months in planning, FINSPIRE Hackathon finally went online this past weekend with 150+ participants forming 40+ teams, making it one of the biggest HK-based online Fintech hackathons for university students. Thrilled to see such an amazing turnout amid unprecedented challenges around the globe.

Hats off and congrats to Convoy Global Holdings Limited and Cyberport Hong Kong. And Microsoft for their full support.

Together, we hack for the future!

Online Coding Classes & Camps

Posted by Harris Chan on Mar 01, 2020

Learn how to code Minecraft mods through our online coding classes & camps! We now offer Minecraft, Roblox, Microbit, 3D Modeling, Web, Python and many of our classes online.

Powered by Microsoft Teams. Works with any web browser with stable internet connection.

Click here to learn more.

Everyone Can Code

Posted by Harris Chan on Dec 4, 2019

Our mission is about empowerment. Super impressed by the enthusiasm, collaborative efforts and growth mindset of 100+ finance professionals from CLP 中電 who teamed up and challenged themselves to write code.

How should parents plan their children’s future?

Posted by Harris Chan on Nov 20, 2019

Watch Part 2 of the video by HSBC Life featuring our CEO & Co-founder.

Thanks HSBC Life for the opportunity to share our thoughts on STEM Education!

Hacking The Future at TEDxTongChongSt

Posted by Harris Chan on Nov 20, 2019

Are you ready to hack the future? Thrilled and humbled to advocate The Future of STEM Education through Virtual Reality at TedxTongChongSt in Facebook Hong Kong office.

Pave a brighter road for your children’s education

Posted by Harris Chan on Nov 07, 2019

When it comes to a better foundation for your child's education, STEM education is one of the tickets. Learn more about STEM and how you can pave a brighter road for your children with prudent savings.

Thanks HSBC Life for the opportunity to share our thoughts on STEM Education! Stay tuned for Part 2.

The Future is Now!

Posted by Harris Chan on Oct 26, 2019

It’s official! In collaboration with Facebook, we signed an MOU with FARO Edu to develop an Oculus Virtual Reality curriculum for students in Hong Kong and Mongolia.

Infinite possibilities combining virtual reality, coding, 3D modelling and creativity! Can't wait to see what students can do.

Stay tuned for Oculus VR camps and courses in Hong Kong!


Posted by Harris Chan on Oct 12, 2019

Cobo Academy is a proud sponsor of CoolThink@JC Coding Competition 2019!

Design Thinking & Collaboration Workshop

Posted by Harris Chan on Aug 22, 2019

Xin chào from Ho Chi Minh City!

Digital Transformation is about mindset and culture as much as it is about technology.

A group of dedicated garment technologists, QA specialists and apparel developers from PUMA Group Vietnam were challenged to learn and apply Design Thinking principles and coding skills to build Wearable Technology!

What a wonderful demonstration of collaboration and Growth Mindset! We were blown away by their passion, dedication and the ability to learn and execute Forever Faster!

STEM Coding Workshop at Facebook Hong Kong

Posted by Harris Chan on Aug 11, 2019

Excited to be at Facebook Hong Kong "Take Your Kids To Work Day" to empower employees and their children to make art with circuits & lights and program Facebook emoji generators!

Experience 3Ds with Coding

Posted by Harris Chan on Jun 13, 2019

Our mission is about empowerment. Today, we challenged a group of dedicated engineers from CLP 中電 Power Generation to roll up their sleeves, apply Design Thinking concepts and write some code.

Despite being engineers, most of them had no experience in coding. It was great to see everyone step out of their comfort zone. And of course, the touch-friendly Microsoft Surface made working with coding blocks easier than ever.

Make Art with Code!

Posted by Harris Chan on Jun 9, 2019

Coders are Creators! Do you know you can make art with code? Excited to be at Chinese International School today to deliver a workshop on Processing, a language for visual arts (https://processing.org). We were blown away by students’ enthusiasm and creativity!

Light Up Your Future Readiness

Posted by Harris Chan on May 31, 2019

Delighted to work with leaders from China Mobile Hong Kong to "light up" their future readiness through Design Thinking and Coding.

Meeting Byambajargal Ayushjav, Founder of Faro Foundation Mongolia

Posted by Harris Chan on May 21, 2019

Wonderful meeting and exchange with George Chen from Facebook and Byambajargal Ayushjav, founder of Faro Foundation and one of Forbes' 30-under-30 Social Entrepreneurs in Asia. It’s always amazing to meet, learn and share with people from all over the world who share our passion for technology and education.

HKET Interview: Passion Comes First

Posted by Harris Chan on May 11, 2019

Thanks HKET.com for your support! Read full interview here.

Cobo Academy Welcomes Imperial College Business School

Posted by Harris Chan on Apr 1, 2019

Excited to speak with students and faculty members from Imperial College Business School about our story and Digital Transformation. They also learned to build their first program on micro:bit! Super impressed by their enthusiasm to learn about coding and why it is important for our next generation.

Ming Pao micro:bit Team-building Workshop

Posted by Harris Chan on Mar 19, 2019

In celebration of the 60th anniversary of 明報, 30+ staff from editorial, sales, marketing and IT formed teams to learn about coding and build mood lamps aka 明燈 powered by micro:bit. We are super impressed by their teamwork, can-do spirit and attention to details!

ESF Computing Conference 2019

Posted by Harris Chan on Mar 07, 2019

Cobo Academy is a Gold Sponsor of ESF Computing Conference held on Mar 1, 2019 in South Island School. Thanks for the FULL-house workshops on topics including "Blitz Building Your First Website", "Game Design 101 with JavaScript" and "Google Auto-Complete Guessing Game in Python".

Dream Starter: Smart IoT Diapers for Elderlies

Posted by Harris Chan on Mar 03, 2019

Dream BIG and make it happen! Excited to be a Dream Backer to support this amazing group of P4-6 students from Hong Kong Baptist Convention Primary School to build smart diapers for elderlies powered by micro:bit. The IoT-based smart diapers send SMS alerts to caretakers when they have to be changed to improve hygiene and health. The moisture data collected will facilitate better resource allocation to improve service quality. Stay tuned for more!

A.S. Watson micro:bit Team-building Workshop

Posted by Harris Chan on Feb 17, 2019

Humbled and excited to have the opportunity to run a micro:bit team-building workshop for A.S. Watson Group where Data Science and Commercial teams “connected” to build smart IoT-based replenishment systems. Technical members were challenged to wear mittens to keep them away from keyboards so they had to talk non-technical members through the building and coding process. What a great demonstration of passion, commitment, teamwork, innovation and perseverance!

micro:bit Spark-athon 2019

Posted by Harris Chan on Jan 28, 2019

Cobo Academy is honored and proud to support Spark-athon 2019, British Council's 1st ever official microbit Hackathon in the region, where 18 schools and 100+ students unleashed their creativity and teamwork to design and build amazing wearable technology products.

Kids Can Code, So Can You!

Posted by Harris Chan on Nov 28, 2018

What a fun and meaningful workshop filled with lights and music! And wonderful demonstration of Teamwork, Creativity and Growth Mindset! We teamed up with HandsOn Hong Kong to transform 160+ Hewlett-Packard volunteers into programmers to build some amazing micro:bit Christmas Lamps at their regional Sales Leadership Kickoff Conference in HK! All micro:bits, neopixels, speakers and parts will be donated to local low-income students to embark their programming learning journey.

How a Coding Education Startup Got Off the Ground

Posted by Harris Chan on Nov 21, 2018

“Digital education in Hong Kong is very rigid, and children don’t have enough room for thinking and exploring new things,” Chan told the Hong Kong Economic Journal. Such thought inspired him to co-establish an educational business to “empower children to become future ready” with STEM and coding education, he said in an interview.
Read Full Article: ENG | CHI

Our Story Featured on Reuters

Posted by Harris Chan on Nov 1, 2018

Software and robots are increasingly more capable of handling tasks previously carried out by humans, and this is just the beginning! Bill Gates has predicted that by 2030, millions of jobs will be taken over by robots. However, this also opens up a lot of new and exciting opportunities, especially around the use of technology. In the digital economy where almost every company is a software company, coding is the new language of technology every child should master. Harris Chan, a former Microsoft Engineer, is committed to make a difference with his Hong Kong based STEM education start-up.
Read full article on Reuters

Making a Difference

Posted by Harris Chan on Oct 2, 2018

Pleasure to meet with Natalie Chan from Own Academy who shares the same passion for making a difference in education! Education is more than just grades and the most demanded skills in the future are not taught at schools today, which is our inspiration behind helping kids become future ready. There is a long way to go, and it all begins with nurturing the right mindset in parents and children. Stay tuned for our joint efforts in shaping future creators and innovators!

International School Festival 2018

Posted by Harris Chan on Sep 15, 2018

Thanks everyone for stopping by our booth at International School Festival today! Excited to see overwhelming interests in STEM and coding from parents, partners and schools!

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