Learn Lua with Roblox

HolidayCamps (Ages 9-11: Senior)

Interested in learning new programming languages? Want to design your own games in Roblox? You're looking at the right course. This Level 1 course will provide students with an introduction to Lua, the programming language that Roblox is built with. Students will also learn 3D modeling basics within Roblox Studio, the software that all Roblox games are created with!

Note: Knowledge of operating a computer (Windows PC or Mac) including the use of a mouse and keyboard independently is beneficial. 

Key Takeaways:

- Learn the coding fundamentals of Lua like variables, loops and conditionals, to code complete games from scratch
- Use code to determine game elements, such as rules, score systems and checkpoints
- Familiarise with Roblox Studio including the use of basic 3D modelling tools, the workspace and properties of items

What To Bring:
- Laptop (PC/Mac) + mouse & charger

Camp Structure

Holiday Camps: 3-5 daily lessons per camp.

Each daily lesson is 2 hours and is filled with activities, theories, practical exercises and FUN!

Medium of Instruction: English


How big is class size?
Typically between 4-8 students.

What are the payment options?
Payments can be made by online/ATM bank transfer, by FPS at pay@coboacademy.com or by cash/cheque at our Wan Chai Campus. Details can be found in our enrollment acknowledgement email.

What’s next after Holiday Camps?
Our Day Camps are designed to connect with our Regular Courses, allowing your child to carry on their learning on the same topic or get into something new and exciting.


Wk 1: Apr 3, 4, 6
3-day camps from HKD2,400
Wk 2: Apr 11 - 14
4-day camps from HKD3,200

> Morning: 10:00am - 12:00pm
> Mid-day: 2:00pm - 4:00pm

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