Regular Term Programs

Coding is the new literacy! By embracing Problem-based Learning and the guiding principle of well-proven Computer Science programs in US and Israel, we develop your child’s core skills for the present and their future: Critical thinking, Communication, Collaboration, and Creativity. Regular Term Programs are a perfect blend of theories, concepts, games, group activities and exercises for children at all technology proficiency levels.

Stay tuned as we roll out details of our Fall Programs! Meanwhile, check out our Summer Camps and Trial Classes.

Preschoolers have little hands and big minds! Begin your preschooler’s STEAM learning journey in Cobo Intern Program where they will grasp fundamental concepts on coding and electronics through seeing, touching and feeling with toys such as Montessori-approved Cubetto robot and Dough Universe. Be ready to get their hands dirty (literally)! Preschoolers will also be introduced to block-based programming with MIT ScratchJr. Screen time is minimal, fun is guaranteed!

Designed for Lower Primary Schoolers, Cobo Junior Program extends our Intern Program to further develop your child’s fundamental concepts and block-based programming skills through game development with MIT Scratch. Let’s turn your gamer at home into a game creator! Junior Program will also give your child a first taste of the combined power of software and hardware through introduction to Robotics & IoT (Internet of Things) with kits such as littleBits and Makeblock mBot.

Designed for Upper Primary Schoolers, Cobo Senior Program lays a strong foundation in algorithmic thinking to beef up your child’s logical thinking and problem solving skills. Senior Program also introduces modules such as Mobile App & Game development, Web development, Robotics, and 3D Modelling & Printing. Immerse in the fun world of IoT (Internet of Things) by programming electronics using kits such as Micro:bit and Arduino!

By embracing Problem-based Learning and the guiding principles of Israel’s Computer Science curriculum for Middle Schools, Cobo Principle Program cultivates problem solvers through core learning modules such as Algorithmic Thinking, App & Game development and 3D Modelling & Printing. Your child will gain hands-on experience building advanced mobile apps with MIT App Inventor and designing (and printing!) 3D toys with Autodesk 123D!

As the most elite group at Cobo Academy, Cobo Fellow Program further extends our Principal Program and comprises the most cutting-edge learning modules such as Virtual Reality. Whether or not your child aspires to become a Computer Science/Engineering major in university, Fellow Program empowers your child to become future ready by promoting creative, real-world problem solving skills. One more thing - High Schoolers will be introduced to the concepts of Machine Learning & Data Science, and learn how to embrace and infuse Artificial Intelligence into things that they build.

Fun Tidbit

Our program names (Intern, Junior, Senior, Principal and Fellow) are inspired by the engineer ranks used by some of the world’s most elite technology companies such as Google and Microsoft.

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