Trial Lesson for Ages 15+

Trials (Ages 15-16: Fellow)

What’s behind YouTube, Google, Instagram and all these popular apps? One of the building blocks is Python. Not only is it a powerful language for app development, but also one of the most in demand skills in the tech world. This class is made introductory, so no worries if your kid is new to programming. We’ll go through the process of creating software, from understanding basic algorithms and syntax, to adding other super powers to your program! P.S. no snakes will be hurt in the making of this class

What to bring: Laptop (PC or Mac), Power Adapter

Trial Structure:
  • Medium of Instruction: English
  • Trial Lesson is 1 hour long.
  • Class size is typically 4-8 students.
  • We will assess your child’s ability and share feedback/recommendations upon request.
  • Don't find something that fits your schedule? Feel free to contact us at 3905 1111 or to schedule a private session.
Special Offers:

Full Rebate: You will receive a full rebate of your Trial Lesson fee upon your first enrollment for a Holiday Camp or Regular Course on the same day that the Trial Lesson is attended.


Please contact us at
3905 1111 or to schedule a private group or individual session.

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